A giant green forest road trip

ABOUT Wanderin' Goose

About Wanderin' Goose I am Lucy, the Wandering' Goose. I'm currently working full-time as a pharmacist in Melbourne, Australia. I was born in Korea and left when I was 11 years old to study in New Zealand. 7 years later, I moved to Australia for further studies and been living here ever since. I enjoy spending my spare time climbing and exploring nature.

Since I was young, I dreamed of roaming around the world. The thought of endlessly moving from one place to another sounded very freeing. Growing up, I realised feeling of freedom is not about being away from home. It's about letting myself to be and also letting others to be. I believe travelling has that power to expand my knowledge about others and deepen connection.

Throughout my life, I've been a goose in a way, not knowing where I am going or what I am doing. Places and moments I've stumbled into have been both good and bad. By sharing my journey through this blog, I hope my growth inspires someone to also seek, dream and travel, and feel more connected to life.